Apartments for



Rental Criteria:

A rental application must be completed for each individual age eighteen (18) or over, or by a combined credit couple, including guarantors if required.  
Applicant's gross monthly income must be verifiable.  A guarantor/co-signer may be required to be included in the application.
Applicants must have verifiable employment and/or income history. Self-employed persons must provide a copy of the prior year's tax return. Unemployed applicants must provide documentation regarding sources of income, e.g. - social security, pension, savings, interest, or provide a guarantor/co-signer that meets the guarantor/co-signers qualifying standards below. Copies of all documentation will be retained in the lease file.
Applicants should have a verifiable rental/mortgage history.
Applicants with negative resident history-outstanding debt to an apartment community/landlord or eviction from apartment community/landlord - will be denied. Guarantors/co-signers cannot be a substitute for this requirement.
Applicants should have a favorable credit history. Favorable credit history is no credit or more positive credit than negative. All outstanding obligations will be considered.
Guarantors/co-signers must meet all of the above qualifications. The guarantor must physically sign the lease either in the office or in front of a notary.
Any applicants who have been determined to have criminal conviction or current indictment for possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, prostitution, theft, burglary, felony, fraud, or for any crimes involving firearms or crimes against persons or property will be denied residency and occupancy. Guarantors/co-signers cannot be a substitute for this requirement. Applicants must agree to a nationwide criminal background check.

Management reserves the right to add or delete any or all of the above guidelines and qualifications.

Manager is an Iowa Licensed Realtor